Cleaning the gunk off your iron: is this the world’s most boring chore?

Is the plate of your iron looking a bit gunked up? Mine gets distinctly grotty after using adhesive fabric backing and interlining. Here’s how I get rid of the gluey residue.

Darning socks

I have a favourite pair of hand knitted bedsocks that are looking rather worn out under the heels. The yarn they were knitted from was handspun pure wool, so it was always liable to wear out quite quickly. (If you are going to knit a pair of socks, then use a yarn with a bitContinue reading “Darning socks”

Washing your handwoven scarf or wrap

Handwoven scarves tend to be quite easy to pull out of shape or snag threads, so you’ll need to be a bit more careful when washing them. Remove rings and jewellery, so you won’t catch the on the scarf while you’re working. You will need the following: lukewarm water, a sink, bowl or bucket, someContinue reading “Washing your handwoven scarf or wrap”

What size hat do I need?

If you are looking for a fitted hat, then you’ll need to know what size your head is. Here’s a quick guide to measuring your head: Put a tape measure around your head where the hat will sit, so that is above the ears, above the eyebrows and just below the bump at the backContinue reading “What size hat do I need?”

Knitting for TV (The Third Day)

This was a lovely job knitting beanie hats for the TV series The Third Day (Sky TV September 2020). I knitted Fair Isle-type pockets for waistcoats for a couple of the cast and well as several beanie hats with a Fair Isle-type design around the band. The yarn was all double knitting thickness from Jamieson’sContinue reading “Knitting for TV (The Third Day)”

Blocking a finished knitting project (Burrafirth Shawl)

Blocking a finished knitting project is quite straightforward as long as you follow a couple of rules. Rule one, make plenty of space and rule two, take plenty of time. Before blocking your shawl, you will need to have washed and partly dried it. Please see my blog on “Washing your woollen hat” for adviceContinue reading “Blocking a finished knitting project (Burrafirth Shawl)”

Adjusting the size of your hat or cap

Many of my hats and caps are fitted with an adjustable head fitting. Here’s how it works: Firstly, undo the centre back knot and separate the two pieces of elastic at the centre back of the hat. Then put on your hat while still holding the two pieces of elastic (it may be easier toContinue reading “Adjusting the size of your hat or cap”