Surrey Tweed 2022; from fleece to fashion

It gives me such a sense of achievement to be able to show you some garments made using wool that I have washed, carded, spun and either hand knitted or woven on my rigid heddle loom into beautiful garments. Truly slow fashion. In summer 2021, I was lucky enough to take possession of five lovelyContinue reading “Surrey Tweed 2022; from fleece to fashion”

Knitting for TV (The Third Day)

This was a lovely job knitting beanie hats for the TV series The Third Day (Sky TV September 2020). I knitted Fair Isle-type pockets for waistcoats for a couple of the cast and well as several beanie hats with a Fair Isle-type design around the band. The yarn was all double knitting thickness from Jamieson’sContinue reading “Knitting for TV (The Third Day)”

Adjusting the size of your hat or cap

Many of my hats and caps are fitted with an adjustable head fitting. Here’s how it works: Firstly, undo the centre back knot and separate the two pieces of elastic at the centre back of the hat. Then put on your hat while still holding the two pieces of elastic (it may be easier toContinue reading “Adjusting the size of your hat or cap”

Couture Maths: A Kaleidocycle Headpiece

For many years I have been inspired by the art of M C Escher and recently was lucky enough to visit the museum in his honour in The Hague, Netherlands. My first proper hat collection contained a fascinator based on Escher’s Mobius strip and I was a runner-up in the Hat Designer of the YearContinue reading “Couture Maths: A Kaleidocycle Headpiece”